Top Innovation Conferences of 2019

Whip out your calendar, baby! We’ve done the dirty work to make sure your 2019 gets off to a productive start by organizing some of the biggest and best innovation conferences in the US and abroad.

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Upcoming US Innovation Conferences

Ranging from behemoth tech innovation conferences to more intimate summits in the middle of California’s wine country, there’s something for everyone.

Harvest Summit

October 17-18, 2019 | Sonoma County, CA

As one of the most exclusive events on our list, Harvest Summit is an invite-only innovation event that brings together a select group of corporate innovators to California’s wine country. If sprawling conventions aren’t your thing, the more intimate Harvest Summit will give you the opportunity to learn and network with the industry’s cream of the crop. Interested parties may apply to attend on their website.


October 23-24, 2019 | San Francisco, CA

If you’re not into high level presentations and want to dig right in, Impact focuses on off-the-record interactive whiteboard sessions and workshops powered by industry leaders and conference peers over a 2-day period. Impact is a sound choice for corporate innovators who want concrete takeaways like templates and member-contributed tools instead of only notes. Registration starts at $1595 with prices gradually increasing closer to the event date.

The Collective

Dec 10-11, 2019 | New York, NY

For those looking for a more enterprise event, The Collective promises two days of corporate strategy, innovation, M&A, and more to help attendees learn how to drive transformational growth. 2019’s event has a pretty stacked list of speakers including the Chief Product Officer of Adobe, Chief Strategy Officer of Goldman Sachs, Founder of 1-800-Flowers, and more. At the time of writing, single tickets are $2,495 with discounts given for multiple tickets.

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Upcoming International Innovation Conferences

Global Innovation Forum

November 20-21, 2019 | London, UK

Innovators, entrepreneurs, and inventors gather in London to discuss the latest trends in innovation, design, creativity, digital, entrepreneurship, and a very healthy dose of playful fun. Expect plenty of speakers and activities from a wide range of interests - many of which are geared to engage in a way that you may have never seen before (Laughter Yoga and Playmobil Pro Workshop, anyone?). Passes start at €1850.


November 11-13, 2019 | Singapore

Held in conjunction with Singapore FinTech Festival (SFF) and the Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology (SWITCH), the TECHINNOVATION conference is in its eighth year in providing a hub for the region’s technology and business innovators to meet, learn, and grow. 3day tickets are priced from S$599-S$899.

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Past Innovation Conferences & Events

Already planning for 2020? The following events are likely to get new dates for 2020 - expect some fresh information as we near closer to the new year!


February 12-15, 2019 | San Francisco, CA

Led by IBM, the Think conference focuses on the latest technology and future trends spread across one of the most tech-friendly cities in the world, San Francisco. The event is great for receiving insights on the future of tech innovation from the Seers of Silicon Valley themselves. Passes for the 3-day conference are $2,295 with moderate discounts for groups.

Future Festival

Multiple dates + cities

If you’re looking for demos, workshops, and the wonderfully named “trend safaris,” Trend Hunter’s Future Festival is the place for you. The festival tours globally every year, making it relatively easy to find a date near you. Tickets start at $1399 with various promos throughout the year, including a 2 for 1 early bird discount. Dates and locations for US-based events as follows:

Innovation Summit

March 7, 2019 | Chicago, IL

Hosted by The Economist, this yearly innovation event challenges all industries to think like technology companies to compete in the global economy. Passes are $1595 with discounts available for academic, government, public sector, charity, and NGO attendees.

Front End of Innovation

May 14-16, 2019 | Boston, MA

Knect365’s annual front-end innovation conference brings behemoth speakers from some of the nation’s most prized companies, such as Disney, P&G, GE, and more. While the passes may burn a hole through any company credit card—prices start at $3095 for a 2-day pass—you’ll definitely return back with some newfound knowledge from the biggest in the biz.

Innovation Enterprise Summits

Multiple dates + cities

Innovation Enterprise specializes in… well, enterprise innovation, by hosting a variety of innovation-based summits that cater to multiple roles and industries. Tickets range from $600 to $1k+, depending on the event.

Silicon Valley Global Innovation Summit

February 26, 2019 | Menlo Park, CA

Geared for executives, this one-day event focuses on strategy, process improvement and alignment, innovation, technology, as well as leadership development. Unlike workshop-based events, this summit is full of executive panels that cover topics ranging from boardroom strategy to gaining a tech advantage on your competitors. Registration fee unknown.


March 18-20, 2019 | Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Looking to innovate through a primarily digital lens? Agenda highlights emerging tech and its use for innovation. If you’re seeking information on automation, data strategies, AI, machine learning and more, Agenda will whet your appetite. Registration starts at $695 before March 1st and $1495 after the cutoff date.

Retail Innovation Conference

May 6-8, 2019 | New York, NY

For those in the retail sector, the Retail Innovation Conference is the beacon for the most ambitious, innovative leaders in the industry. This 2-day event focuses on technologies and strategies for retail in a changing world. Day passes start at $395.

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Innovation-Adjacent Events

While not totally focused on innovation, the following conferences typically have innovation-based presentations and workshops. Perfect for folks interested in getting their feet wet first, especially if you lean heavily towards tech, music, or design.


January 8-11, 2019 | Las Vegas, NV

Ah, CES, the original innovation conference. Held in Las Vegas, this is one of those legacy tech events that you should experience at least once. Passes start at $700, and with roughly one thousand speakers, you’ll absolutely get some value back.


March 8-18, 2019 | Austin, TX

This festival is what happens when the worlds of tech, music, and film combine for one crazy time in Texas. Akin to networking with jaded tech CEOs in the deserts of Burning Man, SXSW at least gives you a normal conference experience in the midst of the party. The Interactive Badge costs $1025, but for those ready to rock, the $1350 platinum badge provides access to the music and film events as well.


May 8-10, 2019 | New York, NY

As with all things Adobe, their 11th annual 99U Conference is sure to be packed with as much creativity, technological prowess, and innovation as their software. If you’re design-minded, this may be the event for you. Badges are priced at $999 until February 12th!

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