Innovate at the Speed of a Startup.

Forest Giant generates and validates innovative ideas that transform enterprise businesses.

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Transformation that lasts.

Regardless of where your organization stands with enterprise innovation, Forest Giant will meet you there. Our blended teams act as an extension of your team to share knowledge, solve problems, and provide the roadmap to make your innovation initiatives a success for years to come.

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Streamline internal discovery with proven, repeatable workshops and processes to get your team on track.

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Let us help you present your findings for company buy-in with data, decks, and case studies to prove your project.

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When you’re ready to bring your idea to life, Forest Giant can build your MVP or facilitate a handoff to another team.

Let's work together to discover, prototype, and deploy the next big thing for your company.

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Product Discovery & Validation

Prove the best ideas.
Kill the rest.

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Plan & Vision

Create informed ideas around a shared vision.

Discovery Ideation Strategy


Find out what's working. Improve what's not.

Prototyping Testing Iteration

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Understand the value, risk, and reward.

Improve Roadmap MVP Pivot

Our process is human-centered and fueled by over a decade of experience crafting enterprise solutions.

The results speak for themselves.

A $250MM industrial hardware business increased annual revenue by 3x to $750M after implementing technology developed by FG's innovation process.

After the launch of four FG-designed international innovation centers, a Fortune 10 global company was able to close on a $16B contract.

A large public energy company was able to streamline an internal process from 3 months down to 1 week.

What you guys accomplished in 3 months would have taken our team 4 years to develop.

VP, Innovation

Fortune 200 Airline Company

Innovate with Giants.

Schedule a 1-on-1 with CEO Chris Wiedmar to discuss how Forest Giant can help your organization.

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Chris Wiedmar

CEO of Forest Giant